The Rodent

About Gophers

The entrance to a gopher tunnel can be identified by piles of loose dirt or "mounds" above ground.  They create a vast network of tunnel systems in which they collect food.  They feed mostly on the underground root system of plants, however they also eat earthworms, grubs, shrubs, and vegetables.  They can be quite destructive, particularly when not controlled.  If not maintained, the gophers multiply and often new gophers will move into the existing tunnels.  

Trapping Method


Our trapping method generally consists of 3-4 visits approximately 6-7 days apart.  Once we identify the tunnel networks, we set high-quality traps underground. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the process whatsoever. Experience in this process is essential to ensuring that all gophers have been removed. After we're done removing the gophers, the two week guarantee begins. 

Removal Plans


Gopher Patrol services residential properties, commercial properties, golf courses, as well as city and state parks.   Therefore, we offer a variety of plans.  Prices vary depending on the size of the property.  Give us a call and we'll do a free estimate. 505-633-6691


Repellant Service


After all of the gophers are removed, we recommend using a repellant to prevent other gophers from moving into the existing tunnels.  We provide a natural and organic treatment that will create a barrier around the property and ensure that the gophers don't return. 

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